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About Yuppy

Thank you for being interested in Yuppy.com the online bargain center.  In business since 1978, our mission is to provide our customers with the best 

products in the lowest price.  We started our company as a small electronic store in San Marino, California.   Most products on yuppy.com often have lower 

prices than you can find elsewhere.  Many of our sellers are in the wholesale businesses or manufactory direct sales.  From them, we are getting outstanding 

discounts, so you can save lots of money buying from us.  On October 2013, Yuppy.com opened its marketplace. Our goal is to let Yuppy.com become an online 

platform for experienced bargain hunters and retailers/wholesalers buying and selling online.   We carefully select the retailers/wholesalers who list their 

products on yuppy.com, so you can buy with confidence on our site.  All purchases from yuppy.com are guaranteed by yuppy Inc.  We will refund your purchase 

price plus your return shipping fees if you are not satisfied with the product you purchased from yuppy.com.  If you be treated unfairly by some Prime Online Company,

please sign on with us.  We will treat you fairly and professionally.  Guaranteed.  


Buy and Sell on Yuppy.com

BUYER     Yuppy buyer's satisfaction is guaranteed.  If you are not satisfied with your purchase on yuppy.com, you can return it for any reason and get a 

full refund including your original purchase price and the original shipping fees.

SELLE      Yuppy sellers are qualified online retailers/wholesalers who are proven reliable and responsible through many years of experiences.  Each seller 

has their own unique store front on yuppy.com.   Yuppy.com also do drop shipping for our sellers.  Please check below for detail.




Q: Who is yuppy.

A: Yuppy is group of professional online retailers/wholesalers grouping together doing retail and wholesale business.

Q: Why people buy from yuppy.com

A: Because yuppy sellers have many years of online business experience and they sell products at a very competitive low price.  If you had compared prices, you would not be fooled by the big names.

Q: How can yuppy sellers be able to sell products at lower price.

A: The reason for most yuppy sellers be able to sell products at lower prices is because they have lower overheads. Majorly they do not need to pay huge fees 

to middlemen.  This is why yuppy buyers can get lower prices online.

Q: Why should I be a seller on yuppy.com

A: For one thing, you are much more competitive on the market when you do not have to pay a large chunk of your sales proceeds to some large online retail 

hosting companies.  Yuppy.com does not charge you like some other large online hosting companies do. Among others many things, our sellers are very 

experienced and trusted online retailers/wholesalers.  We carefully select our sellers.  Once you are approved, you will join the winning team of trusted and 

experienced online retailers/wholesalers to serve the millions of customers around world.

Q: There are a lots of online retail companies out there, what makes yuppy.com unique and welcomed by the experienced seller like me?

A: There are many good reasons you should became a seller on yuppy.com  One simple reason is you will be very competitive on the market when you do not have 

to pay a large chunk of your sales proceeds to some large hosting companies.  Among other good reasons: such as some other BIG online hosting companies treat 

you submissively because they are BIG, They look down on you because they think they are your master.  We are same as you, we are the small online 

retailers/wholesalers who grouping together, join force to do online retail business.  We will respect your hard work.  We do not block your emails to your 

customers.  We do not prevent your trade outside of our platform. We do not block your trade deals directly with your customers.  We want you succeed with or 

with out our platform.  Sellers on yuppy.com will not be threatened at by someone for you to loose money on the trade.  All sales on yuppy.com is guaranteed 

by the company, not by individual sellers, so we can protect the buyers and the sellers as well. This is why so many experienced sellers want to join 

yuppy.com. We want lots of experienced online retailers join us.  Together we can fight a few big online companies’ monopoly and domination on the 


Q:  I am already a seller on some other BIG online site.  Why should I open a store on yuppy.com

A:  There are many advantages to open a store on yuppy.com.  First, you are much more competitive on the market.  These big online site charges you a hefty 

monthly fees plus 8% per item fees.  That is about 10% to 15% of your profits.  That is the most you can mark up for your item on the market place.  Also, 

there are many big sharks on the market, your listings are just eat up by the huge amount of listings these big online site are running.  In most cases, people just can 

not see your listings.  Moreover, some big online companies want to do everything.  They even want to sell groceries online.  They do not want to leave any 

room for small companies to survive.  It is just the right thing for you to do to support our small online companies.  Also in case your store on these big 

online companies did not survive for some reason, you will still have a trustworthy online company for you to fall back to.  After all, these big online 

companies do not have your interest on their mind.  They will sacrifice you rather than their own interest.  Join Yuppy, you will have one more channel to 

reach your potential customers.

Q: The large online retail company I have sales account with does not treat me right.  For one thing, they hold my funds for more than two weeks before they 

release it to me.  It is my own money and I do not get it on time for much needed funds for my inventory.  Will your company doing the same thing?

A: The short answer is no. We do not hold your funds.  The long answer is: If that company treats you badly, why are you still staying with that company.  I 

heard about that company treat their employees badly. Also they use other companies' tittles as search keywords to display their own search result without 

consent.  Many their business practices are unethical.   Ethical is business conduct lesson 101 in every business textbook.  I guess they just sell books but 

never read them.  One company large in size does not always mean they are doing business ethically.  In contrast, doing business ethically is number one 

priority at yuppy.com.  We treat our customers, our sellers and our employees fairly and ethically at all cost.

Q: How do I became a seller on yuppy.com?

A: If you have previous online selling experiences, you can request to became a seller by check "Yes, I would like to open a store on yuppy.com " box on the 

create an account page.   Also, you can send us a requesting email and we will respond to your request as soon as possible. We will carefully select the 

sellers.  If you do not have previouse online selling experiences, please do not apply. yuppy.com/Contac

Q: Do yuppy.com doing drop shipping for me?

A: Yes, we do.

Q: How does yuppy.com drop shipping program works?

A: Once you joined our drop shipping program, we will send you the products list.  The list will show you all the products you can sell and it will also show 

you the much lower drop shipping price.  Please contact us for drop shipping program yuppy.com/Contac

Q: How do I pay for drop shipping merchandize?

A: Once you placed an order via private drop shipping channel, we will send you an online invoice for you to pay. Of cause you do not need to place an order 

upfront, you will place order with us after you have a buyer.

Q: What is yuppy.com private shopper program?

A: Privacy, Secrecy, One on one Celebrity treatment and best of all, you get the lowest price than you can get from anywhere else.  Buyer and Seller making 

deals via private channal such as instegram and cellphone texting.  Please contact us for detailed information about yuppy.com private shopping 


Q: What payment method do you accept.

A: We offer a variety of payment options:

Paypal                      If you already have a Paypal account or you would like to open a Paypal account.

Credit card online   Payment processing by Paypal Pro  (NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT NEEDED) 

Online banking       Pay with your online banking directly.  Your bank and Paypal will not share any information with the seller.  Yuppy.com never store any 

financeial information on our server.

Q: Is buying from yuppy.com safe?

A:  Yes, it is safer than you think. All sales on yuppy.com are guaranteed by yuppy Inc. directly, not by individual sellers. Your payment is processed by 

Paypal and Paypal Payment Pro. All transactions are safe guarded by Geotrust and Trustwave and securely processed by Paypal Payment Pro.  Yuppy.com does not 

obtain your credit card information.  There is no difference about safety issues between shop on big name online retail company and shop on yuppy.com   The only difference

is you will pay less on yuppy.com at the same products at the same product condition.  If you had compared prices, you would not be fooled by the big names.

Q: How does yuppy.com works.

A: yuppy.com is an online marketplace.  Yuppy sellers are qualified online retailers/wholesalers who are proven reliable and responsible through many years 

of experiences.  Our company selects the trusted retailers and wholesalers. Through them we bring the best products at the lowest price into the market.

Q: I have a yuppy.com account and log-in with no problems.  But when I try to log-on yuppy.mobi on my desk top, my user name and passwords are not working.  


A: If log-in to yuppy.mobi on your desktop computer, you might have problem.  Yuppy.mobi is primarily designed for use on cell phone, when you use your cell 

phone to sign in to yuppy.mobi, you will have no problem to use the same user name and passwords.

Q: Do I need to pay any fees as a seller.

A: No.  You do not pay us any listing fees, monthly fee or ads posting fees.  Only if your selling is settled via yuppy online channel, you pay a 1% final 

value fee . However, if your selling is settled via your private channel, you do not pay us any fees even if your customer comes from yuppy site,  This means 

no any fees from you, so you can give discounts to your customers.

Q: Do you charge a monthly fee or is any other fees involved?

A: No, we do not charge monthly fee and there are no any other hidden fees. You don't pay anything to post ads and listing your products on yuppy.com.

Q: Do you charge me fees upfront?

A: We don't, each month we will send you a bill if you owe us a sum.

Q: How do I get paid after I sold an item.

A; Yuppy.com does not process your payment.  You directly deal with Paypal and get paid from Paypal.

Q: How many items can I sale.

A: As much as you would like to.

Q: Can I post videos on yuppy.com?

A: You can upload videos to youtube, then enter the URL onto yuppy site where you post your items, the video will show up on the yuppy site.

Q: How do I know if I sold an item.

A: An email will automatically generate by our site to let you know you have sold an item.

Q: Can I communicate with my buyer or can my buyer email me on yuppy.com?

A: Yes, you can, Please go to yuppy.com under "account", you will find all the functions you need.


Yuppy quality guaranteed.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed under Yuppy's buyer protection program.  If for any reason you do not like our product, we will exchange the item, issue 

store credit or refund all your purchase money including the shipping fees.  All sales through yuppy.com are guaranteed by yuppy Inc.  Your purchases are 

safe and worry free with our satisfaction guaranteed policy.


You can contact us at: support@yuppy.com for more information.


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